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Wheeliebot: A Server Controlled Video Streaming Indoor Navigation Robot

Project Description

In this project, it is aimed that the server mechanism and the autonomous behaviours are to be combined in order to create a video-streaming autonomous robot. The robot uses potential fields method in order to navigate with obstacle avoidance and it uses sonar and infrared sensors, gyroscope, accelerometer, USB and wireless interfaces as hardware. The control of the robot is achieved by a high level Linux computer, and a low level controller.

In the project, I happen to use ROS (Robot Operating System) and Gazebo Simulator on GNU Toolchain in Linux while testing and programming robotic behaviours. In addition, I also use C++ for developement whereas I use URDF for robot modelling. 

Previous Work (RemoteBot Robot and ROS-side modelling)

Gazebo Simulator Test

The project library has extremely modular characteristics and it is compatible with ROS (Robot Operating System) and Gazebo. The library includes source files regarding perception, behaviour developement, and low-level motor driving.



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