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Adaptive Cruise Controller for the Electric Vehicle OSKAR

Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) is a prominent system among the inteligent vehicle technologies which avoids the trafic accidents. Driver originated traffic accidents can be reduced by widespread usage of Adaptive Cruise Control system in vehicles. In this project, we design an Engine Control Unit for an electric vehicle, using ARS-308 long range RADAR, an hall-effect encoder, throttle sensor and a touchscreen display unit and by applying linear and nonlinear control techniques. We use STM32F407VGT06 microcontroller alongside the Raspberry Pi and use peripherals and protocols such as CAN-BUS, TCP/IP, USART, QEI, ADC, DAC along with an RTOS scheduler. We intend to use PythonQT for the developement of the high-level controller, in this ongoing project.


Here is our design of the control system; (it's not in English for now, sorry)

This page introduces a senior project that has been developed in Eskişehir Osmangazi University in 2015.

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You can access project presentation from the link:


Here is the PCB that we have designed and get produced (Edit: this was my first PCB design ever with my colleague Metin, aaand.. it functioned well !!!):


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